7 Things you need to consider for Custom Bedding

1) Are you looking for a comforter, duvet, coverlet, or bedspread? Each of these designs will have an impact on how your bedding will look and perform. Comforters and duvets can be made reversible with a different fabric on each side providing decorating opportunities for a quick easy change. When executed right, the shams, bed skirt, and throw pillows can coordinate either way without having to change them too. A coverlet is a short bedspread which usually requires a bed skirt. The coverlet can be made with or without pillow tucks. No pillow tuck requires shams or a bolster for a finished look at the head of the bed dressing. Bedspreads are usually floor length and include different types of pillow tucks. They too can be made to stop at the headboard and dressed with shams instead.

2) Consider weight for your bedding. Are you planning to sleep under your custom bedding, or roll it down? All custom bedding can be heavy depending on their size and fill. They come in various weights such as 4 oz., 8 oz., and 12 oz. for quilted comforters and spreads. The types and weight of the fabrics being used, and the sizes for king, queen, full, or twin will all have an effect on the weight of the bedding.

3) Do you know you can choose your quilting pattern? There are several quilting design patterns to choose from for your custom comforters and bedspreads. The quilting stitch patterns for comforters are typically looser than those of a bedspread or coverlet. For bedspreads and coverlets, the quilting patterns are of an allover design such as a diamond, square, button stitch, onion, or vertical pattern. The purpose of the decorative quilting is to hold the three layers of fabric, batting, and lining together. Quilting patterns add interest to solid fabrics used for bedding. Outline quilting which follows a particular pattern such as a floral or paisley design in another option.

4) What about details?  There are many opportunities when designing custom bedding to add trim, banding, flanges, ruffles, inserts, panels, scalloping, and more that will make your bed as simple or as complex as you desire. Coordinating throw pillows, bolsters, shams, neck rolls and more will enhance your custom bed ensemble and add those finishing accents  The list is endless to add couture details to personalize your bedroom look.

5) The scoop on bed skirts.  Bed skirts provide opportunity for split corners for poster and sleigh beds, contrast inserts and banding to bring in additional color and interest. They can be made tailored with kick pleats, ruffled, or box pleated, or with cluster pleats in corners and on the sides. Most are lined to provide body and to give a nice clean finished look and are sometimes interlined for a luxurious finish. A standard bed skirt has a platform lining top, but as with any custom product, they can be designed to accommodate challenging beds by using Velcro or rod pocket attachments.

6) What about corona’s and bed canopies?  Corona’s and bed canopies make a statement to a bedroom design. You can create anything from a simple banner style canopy to a casual scarf angled off decorative rods, to an elegant box pleated or ruffled design off a wood cornice. Drapery panels can be hung at corners of a canopy. You can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire when incorporating these treatments into your design.

7) What are bedding alcoves? A bedding alcove is usually a bed built into a wall and can be dressed on the outside with valances and panels creating a cozy nook for the sleep area. Sometimes storage drawers are built into the bed frame offering more storage especially nice for a tiny room where storage space is lacking. This is another great way to create an attractive space in a bedroom.

Custom bedding is an investment that will last for years, so you want to be sure to take great care in deciding on the best solutions to meet your needs, both functional and decorative. As with any custom product, your bedding will need to be professionally dry cleaned.

There are so many options with custom bedding that are difficult to cover completely in this post. Please feel free to email or call us with any questions. We can be reached at 518/355-0063 or email designer Terry Kral at TerryK126@hotmail.com or designer Cheryl Judge-Decker at cj22decker22@gmail.com.

Custom Bedding by Window Wear Etc.
Custom Bedding by Window Wear Etc.