The scoop on upholstered cornices for your windows

How upholstered cornices can be an economical choice to dress your windows.

  1. Keep the design simple, choose a straight box design or a shaped design for the bottom
  2. Use self welting or decorative cord on the hem to give your design a polished look
  3. Using an allover printed pattern will give you more decorating color options
  4. Or, use an interesting textured solid fabric with contrast welting to emphasize the shape
  5. Cornices use very little fabric compared to other treatments helping to keep your cost down
  6. They are easy to install and easily cleaned with just a quick vacuum

Adding more touches adds to the cost but here are some things you can do. Upgrade your upholstered cornice with embellishments such as:

  1. Add banding; straight or shirred, single or multiple layers
  2. Use multiple layers in your design to create a unique look
  3. Add crown moulding laminated in fabric
  4. Add a shape to the top and bottom such as an arch
  5. Use decorative nail heads in your design
  6. Add bead or tassel trim to the top or bottom of the cornice
  7. Shirr or pleat the fabric on the cornice face
  8. Add shapes as on lays to the face of the cornice for a 3-dimensional look

Cornices provide many design opportunities. To many to mention here. From simple to elaborate, we can help you create a design uniquely yours.Simple cornice design with detail