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Need help decorating a guest bedroom?

Guest Bedroom Before

Guest Bedroom Before

Are you stuck on how to accessorize your guest bedroom to pull it all together with pieces you already own?

Hi, I’m Terry Kral, Interior Designer and owner of Window Wear Etc. I would like to share a story with you on how I helped my client complete her guest bedroom decorating. After purchasing bedding and an area rug for the room, my client realized she was stuck and needed professional help. She called for a complimentary consultation so that we could talk about her space. Together we decided to use her childhood dresser in the guest bedroom and talked about accessorizing to give the room a polished look. Since the guest bedroom is rarely used, she knew she wanted it to look nice but didn’t want to spend a fortune. We came up with a plan where I would shop locally to purchase accessories that would complete the room. Since I’ve worked with my client on various decorating projects throughout the years, she knew that I would use my eye for design to pull her guest bedroom together.

Introducing store-bought ready made curtains in a taupe woven linen texture warms up the room and softens the window. I love using textures as they incorporate a lot of warmth when designing a space. I incorporated mirror finishes which can be found on a side table with a mirror top, above the bed and the dresser. A French chair in the corner with a linen fabric provides guest seating. We used her son’s artwork above the chair adding a personal touch and dressed her childhood dresser with a few dresser top accessories. The lampshade along side the bed has a crystal base and a sparkly shade. Using various finishes and textures throughout the room made the room feel cozy and inviting.

Below are the results on how I pulled her room together. If you have a decorating challenge, and would like to know more about my services, just give me a call at 355-0063 and let’s put together a plan to design your space.

Guest Bedroom After

Guest Bedroom After

Dressed up client's childhood dresser with accessories.

Dressed up client’s childhood dresser with accessories.

Headboard creates a back drop for client's bedding.

Headboard creates a back drop for client’s bedding.



Need ideas for Christmas decorating?

Visit my pinterest board for inspiration! http://www.pinterest.com/terrykral/christmas-decorating-ideas/

We use scaled drawings to help you visualize your window treatments

Here is a sample of a scaled drawing we use to help our clients visualize their unique window treatment. Would this help you? Like this?

Scaled drawing of Master Bedroom design

Scaled drawing of Master Bedroom design

Filter light with sheer drapes & frame your windows with panels

IMG_2030Sheer drapes that open and close filter light coming through and allow for daytime privacy. We flanked the sheers with embroidered faux silk stationary panels in a deep red tone to bring color into the room. Hunter Douglas roller shades in a beautiful gold texture beneath the sheers allow for night time privacy.



Think of Lamps as a Piece of Art or Sculpture

Buffet LampHere is an example of a buffet lamp with nice structure, interesting combination of textures, and sculptured detailing. Wouldn’t this be a perfect lamp in a modern or transitional space? Like if you agree.