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Simple Elegant Scarf Valance

Scarf Valance Treatment

Scarf Valance Treatment

Looking for something simple to add color and texture to your windows? Try a custom scarf valance treatment like this one. We used an embroidered scroll patterned fabric with a beautiful woven texture and installed it on custom scrolled hardware that complimented the fabric. The valance is fabricated unlined with a nice finished edge and dressed asymmetrical with the right side longer than the left. The fabric had some weight to it which made it very easy to dress and install in minutes, and it stays in place without a lot of additional fussing. We used a full width of fabric to create several folds in the swags and tails for a lush design. Could this design be the answer for one of your windows?

Window treatment idea for multiple arch window

Triple Arch Window with Custom Scarf TreatmentsA custom scarf treatment is a great way to treat a triple arched window like this one and  is easy on the budget. I designed this scarf treatment using decorative crown hardware with hold backs and fabric knots. The embroidered fabric has a hidden seam in the center to turn the fabric pattern so that the pattern looks the same on both sides. I used a standard lining on the back for a clean look from the outside. The lining protects the fabric and gives the treatment body.